SPH Medical College BHMS admission 2020 || As per the Guidline of Central Council of Homoeopathy & Ministry of Ayush, New Delhi, admission in the session of 2019-20 in BHMS course will done on the basis of NEET 2019 Examination.
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Concepts and Principles

The Law of Similars :-This law demonstrates that the selected remedy is able to produce a range of symptoms in a healthy person similar to that observed in the patient, thus leading to the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur i.e. let likes be treated by likes.

The Concept of Single Remedy :- This concept directs to choose and administer such a single remedy, which is most similar to the symptoms of the sick person at a time.

The Law of Minimum Dose :- The similar remedy selected for a sick should be prescribed in minimum dose, so that when administered there is no adverse effects on the body. It just acts as a triggering and catalytic agent to stimulate and strengthen the existing defense mechanism of the body. It does not need to be repeated frequently.

Holistic as well as Individualistic approach :- Homoeopathy teaches that the physicians’ interest is not only to alleviate the patients’ present symptoms but also his long-term well being. Homoeopathy does not treat disease per se, but focus on mental, emotional and physical aspects of the person who is afflicted with a diseases state. Homoeopathy regards each patient as a unique individual and aimed at the individual’s totality of symptoms.

Concept of Vital Force :- Homoeopathy believes that the human body is endowed with a life force that reacts against the inimical agents, which produce disease. This life force gets deranged during illness and well selected individualistic remedies stimulate the deranged vital force to health".

Concept of Miasm :- Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis are the three fundamental causes of all chronic diseases that afflict the human race. Dr. Hahnemann called them as miasms.

Principle of Drug Proving :- Proving of the drug is the method adopted to know the curative properties of a substance used as remedies in Homoeopathy. The effect of substances is studied on healthy human beings on a systematic manner, before being applied to the patients. The symptoms thus known are the true record of the curative properties of a drug or the pathogenesis of a drug. The proving of the drug is the most important method employed to know these powers.

Drug dynamisation or Potentisation :- Drugs are prepared in such a way that they retain maximum medicinal powers without producing any toxic action on the body.