As per the Guidline of Central Council of Homoeopathy & Ministry of Ayush, New Delhi, admission in the session of 2019-20 in BHMS course will done on the basis of NEET 2019 Examination.
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Hospital Staff List

No. Name Designation Qualification
& Experience
Registration Remark
1. Dr. R.K. Khare Pricipal and Hospital Suprintendent DHMS
27 year
state coun. bhopal
2. Dr Veena Nigam SMO DHMS, 35 year 10278 state coun. bhopal FT
3. Dr Geeta Sharma Medical officer DHMS, 35 year 6565 state coun. bhopal FT
4. Dr Karunlata Gangele Medical officer DHMS, 12 year 10784 state coun. bhopal FT
5. Dr Ishak Khan House physician BHMS, 3 year 17576 state coun. bhopal Enroll in MD
6. Dr Avdhesh Hardenia House physician BHMS, 2 year 17577 state coun. bhopal FT
7. Dr Neeraj Panday House physician BHMS, 1year 21559 state coun. bhopal FT
8. Dr Aparna Shrivastav RMO BHMS,1year 22346 state coun. bhopal FT
9. Dr Poonam Sharma RMO BHMS,1 year 19356 state coun. bhopal FT
10. Karan Singh CLERK B.Sc., 25 year   FT
11. Smt. Shanti Sharma NURSE Above 35 year experience   FT
12. Smt. Husn Bano NURSE Above 25 year experience   FT
13. Smt. Preeti Gupta NURSE GNM   FT
14. Prakash Chandra Prajapati DISPENSOR Higher secondary , above 15 year experience   FT
15. Ramkrapal Tiwari DISPENSOR High School, above 20 year experience   FT
16. Jaypal singh DISPENSOR Higher secondary , above 10 year experience   FT
17. Firoj Khan LAB TECHNICIAN DMLT , above 10 year experience   FT
18. Fayaz Ali DRIVER High School, 20year   FT
19. Shan mohammad Store keepar Higher secondary,1 year   FT
20. Smt. premwati nagar Rasoiya 5th, 1 year   FT
21. Rakesh Kumhar WARD BOY Higher secondary, above 10 year experience   FT
22. Ramesh Kushwaha WARD BOY 8th , above 10 year experience   FT
23. Mahesh Raikwar WARD BOY 8th , above 10 year experience   FT
24. Manoj Kumar Nagar WARD BOY Higher Secondary   FT
25. Lakhan Lal Mali GARDENER High School   FT
26. Smt. Quresha PEON 5th    
27. Suneel Karosiya SWEEPER 5th   FT